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Introduction to movement as play

As we age, exercise often becomes a regimented, organized affair. Use this two-hour workshop as an opportunity to look at movement in a more playful, explorative light. We will utilize techniques from the GMB Method to play with locomotion, transitions, and maybe even arm balances to enhance a fluid, non-traditional approach to exercise and movement. This workshop is appropriate for those that are comfortable on the floor and have an open mind towards movement exploration.

The GMB Method is a "movement re-education" program focused on creating physical autonomy and freedom in your life. Your body is how you interface with the world around you. Learning to use it better makes you more effective in everything you do. Physical challenges based in mindful, embodied, complex movements can help you develop creativity, physical autonomy, and confidence. Life is too short to make your body an enemy, so allow your training to be fun!

Cost: $35

Instructors: Jenn Pilotti and Caleb Chiu

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