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Mobility training: a 3 hour workshop on understanding mobility practices


Where: Be Well Personal Training, 3776 The Barnyard

Cost: $60

Why: Mobility should be trained progressively and systematically. In order to fully understand how to improve mobility, individuals needs to be able to sense the area they want to move and then consciously move the area. Once people can do these two things, basic principles can be applied to improve strength, control, and mobility at certain joints. This workshop aims to clarify these concepts. It is appropriate for personal trainers, movement professionals, yoga teachers, and individuals that are looking to deepen their understanding of how mobility works and why it should be trained in a thoughtful way.


We will discuss concepts specific to mobility, and will apply these concepts to the spine and lower extremity. Programming will also be discussed. To maintain quality instruction, a maximum of 10 spots are available. Registration can be found below.

About Jenn:
Jenn has been studying mobility for years. She holds a M.S. in human movement and holds certifications through FRC, GMB, DNS, MovNat, and ACSM. She is also RYT 200 certified and a contributing author to Breaking Muscle and Yoga and Movement Research


Mobility workshop
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