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Moving anatomy: Exploring the hip and shoulder joint

Saturday, An exploration of the hip and its relationship to strength and mobility

We will explore the anatomy of the hip, its connections to the pelvis and lower leg, and its function during movement. Jenn will break down regressions using sensing, feeling, and adjusting as the foundation before working into more dynamic strength and mobility exercises. 12pm-4pm. Available for .4 NASM CEU's. 

Sunday, An exploration of the shoulder and its relationship to strength and mobility
Using the anatomical connections between the thoracic spine, scapulae, and shoulder joint, we will explore the shoulder joint. Bodyweight awareness and exercises will be used to increase awareness, improve efficiency, strength, and mobility in this complicated joint. 10am-2pm. Available for .4 NASM CEU's.

Location: 360 Fit Haus, 1400 Colorado Blvd., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA

Cost: $85/day, $160 for both days