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Unlocking the power of the hips through the ankles and feet


Join Jenn Pilotti, M.S., for an exploration of lower limb mechanics. Learn how the feet and ankles influence what is experienced in the hips and glutes and how pelvis position influences the feet. We will discuss proprioception from the ground up, and still utilize sensing, isolating, and integrating as a framework for improving movement efficiency and creating a deeper sense of embodiment. Gait mechanics will be touched upon, as well as how the feet influence common foundational movements such as the squat and hip hinge. This workshop is appropriate for movement teachers, personal trainers, and those interested in deepening their knowledge of how this area works. Class format will be lecture, practical application, and partner work. Please bring a notebook and dressed to move around. 

Where: 360 FitHaus, 1400 Colorado Blvd., Suite C
When: Saturday, March 24, 12:30-4:30
Cost: $90
Registration link: