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Online Mentorship: Beta group

Do you want to take your skills as an exercise and movement professional to the next level? 
Join me for an in-depth, 1 month online course on a deep dive of how the spine relates to movement. We will cover trouble shooting abilities, understanding how to design and apply corrective exercise interventions using a variety of methods and modalities, and how to work with special populations. Maximum participants in session: 5. In addition to guided course material, I will work with you via e-mail and video chat to provide support and answer questions.
Cost: Special one time cost of $100 for this group only

Support professional growth of fitness and movement professionals through online coaching. Topics that can be covered include:
Troubleshooting/problem solving specific client issues such as working with clients with low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, post partum, or hyper mobility
Deepening your understanding of specific areas and how they integrate into movement and exercise
Establishing a niche

Fitness and movement professions are giving in nature, but there exists little support for the professional. In order to grow and improve your skill set requires self-inquiry, direction, and support. I believe in bridging the gap between theory and application, both in the craft of working with people and in business. Over the course of my 16 year career, I have worked with clients of all ages and abilities, including “difficult” clients, ones who were routinely injured in a traditional fitness environment, helping them get stronger, more resilient, and out of pain. My dedication towards understanding biomechanics, psychology, and anatomy coupled with focused practice and exploration of many different technique enabled me to open my own studio. My goal is to offer the support and trajectory towards a deeper understanding of the craft of working with people recently expanded to a larger space and regularly write successful articles for several websites, teach workshops, mentor trainers, and maintain full client load. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to have people in other professions offer invaluable guidance. 

When: Begins July 2 and runs through July 28.

Space is limited. If you are interested, please submit a short introduction, including what areas you would like to focus on and why you feel coaching would be beneficial at this point in your career.

THIS GROUP IS SOLD OUT. If you would like to be considered for the next group, please e-mail me to let me know.