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The pelvis and its relationship to the feet: how it works in movement (a three week, online course)


Understanding how the feet and pelvis coordinate to provide skillful movement can alter a person's movement experience. This three week, online course will identify:

  • The pelvis's role in gait
  • How the two sides of the pelvis move independently from each other, but coordinate with the torso and lower extremity during single leg and split stance (lunge type positions)
  • What exactly it means for the pelvis to be square and how the feet influence what happens at the pelvis (and vice versa)
  • How to isolate pelvic movement and integrate pelvic movement during a variety of commonly used positions

This course is appropriate for movement professionals, including personal trainers, yoga teachers, and Pilates instructors. 

*Lessons are sent out twice a week. Coursework can be completed at your own pace, and questions will be answered within 24 hours.

**If you have participated in the mentorship, please e-mail me for your discount code

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