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The Spine: Creating Mobility, Stability, and Awareness

In this half-day workshop, Jennifer Pilotti, M.S. will draw upon her expertise to explore the intricacies of the spine and it's role in movement and exercise.

Open to yoga & pilates teachers, personal trainers, or individuals interested in deepening their awareness of the spine and their relationship to it, participants will learn how:

---The three different parts of the spine integrate into movement

---The breath can be used to create awareness and mobility

---To create stability and mobility for efficient movement

---To feel different parts of the spine through floor work and partner work

---To differentiate spinal movement from shoulder movement and hip movement

---What it means to knit your ribs in, why drawing the belly button into the spine isn't actually the key to the core, and how to access the sensation of stability through position

---And more!

The workshop format will include lecture, partner work, and skills designed to tie together research and practical application.

Saturday, February 9th

12:30 - 4:30 pm

Held at Luma Yoga in Downtown Santa Cruz

Registration: $90 before January 19th, $110 thereafter

(Register at and click on “workshops.”)