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Creating Stability for Flexibility/Hypermobility

Join me Saturday, April 6 at 360 FitHaus for a workshop about the end range of mobility, where flexibility is dominant over strength. Mobility exists on a spectrum and is determined by a number of factors, including genetics and training history. This workshop will focus on those who have large degrees of mobility and how to create a training environment that allows them to thrive. This body type requires a different training approach than traditional programming. We will cover:

How to effectively provide kinesthetic feedback using props (and why it matters)

When exercises that teach compression are a better choice than traction

How to create the sensation of stability using a variety of tools

How to structure progressions, creating a safe, effective path to strength and controlled mobility

This workshop will involve movement and partner work, so please come dressed to move around. Bring a notebook and a curious mind. Both students and professional trainers welcome. $100 Pre-Register/$130 At The Door.