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Power of the Thoracic Spine

In this four hour workshop you will learn:

  • The role of the thoracic spine during breath

  • How the thoracic spine and the shoulder girdle interact for efficient movement

  • Easy ways to help clients (or yourself) differentiate between thoracic spine movement, shoulder blade movement, and pelvis movement

  • How to create rotation in the thoracic spine and why it matters

  • Novel ways of improving mobility through the thoracic spine

  • And more

The workshop format is an overview of anatomy and function of the thoracic spine and its surrounding areas followed by practical application and partner work. Bring a notebook and come dressed to move around. Pilates teachers, personal trainers, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and people who want to deepen their understanding of this area are welcome.

Date: Saturday June 8, 2019


NASM CECs provided

Cost: $100/person

Registration link: