Wednesday musings, 8/31/16: simplicity for strength

I just finished a 10 week writing course, where we worked on honing freelance writing skills. One of the concepts that consistently showed up during the editing process was a sense of streamlining ideas. A well organized thought conveyed in a simple, understandable way is more pleasing to a reader than a long, complex sentence.

When I train clients, even though I incorporate unusual looking movements and exercises, the nuts and bolts of any session remains acquiring strength through basic exercises. Pulling, pushing, squatting, and lunging the done well, are excellent ways to build a foundation and feel strong.

The same is true of my own workout. For upper body conditioning, I am currently working on chin-ups, push-ups, and L-sits/tuck holds. I move slowly through the moves, emphasizing fluidity and trying to find my sticking points. I remind myself that pushing down lifts me up, and pulling up requires a sense of integrity in the shoulder girdle. Focusing on the details hidden in the basics gives me the building blocks to work on more complex movements.

We often forget basic doesn’t necessarily mean simple. Whether it’s writing or strength building, there is beauty in economy. Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.