About Jenn

Many years ago, in 2002, I graduated with a B.S. in exercise physiology from U.C. Davis. I promptly landed a full time personal training gig at a country club in the Pebble Beach area. I threw myself into training, working with a wide range of ages and abilities from the very beginning of my career.

In 2004, frustrated with my own physical aches and pains, I began studying yoga. For years, I lived a dual existence, one where I taught basic strength exercises and overused the stability ball (because that was “functional” in the early ‘00s), and another where I spent time on the mat, trying to figure out how to get my stiff body to open, or budge, or stretch. I was still lifting weights, because I understood strength was important, but my mobility limitations prevented me from moving freely.

As I continued reading and studying movement, I felt deeply there was something missing, both from the way I was learning about the human body and my ability to help people experience what they were truly capable of.

By this time, I was training clients out of a private personal training studio. I stumbled into an online graduate program in human movement, which turned out to be just what I needed. As I researched neuromuscular training protocols and wrote about motor control and coordination, as well as strength and hypertrophy, I knew I was on the right track.

Gradually, things began to come together. After I graduated, I continued to read and write about research on a variety of movement related topics. I was introduced to Feldenkrais, GMB, PRI, DNS, and MovNat, which segued into the seemingly conflicting worlds of dance, Parkour, and strength.

In 2013, I opened Be Well Personal Training, a boutique movement studio that had floor space, kettlebells, a massage table, and a place to hang. In July of 2018, My little 900 square foot studio became 1700 square feet, plus a 500 square foot massage room. There is still tons of floor space, a massage table, and several places to hang.

I also decided to write a book. Publish date is TBA, but the process of writing over 52,000 on how to re-establish a mind body connection in an era of distraction reminded me of the connection between the mind and the body.

My work is a culmination of so many influences, including the research I read and the experience I have. I continue to learn daily, both from my clients and from my own physical practice. As Fred Rogers once said, “I believe so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.” This is how I teach human movement—through the lens of deep and simple.

More info:

B.S. Exercise science, physiology emphasis UC Davis

M.S. Human Movement, A.T. Still University

Owner, Be Well Personal Training, 3750 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA

I have completed numerous post graduate courses in stress, pain science, journalism, and neuromuscular techniques. I hold several certifications, including FRC MS, MovNat level I, GMB Trainer, DNS EXT, and NASM CES. I have been training clients full time, in a one on one setting since 2002, opened my first studio in 2013, and regularly teach workshops for movement professionals on a variety of topics. I remain curious and committed to providing an enriched learning experience to both clients and professionals.

I write for a number of online websites, including Breaking Muscle and Think Movement. I am also a guest lecturer for the US Navy Senior Leadership Seminar and I regularly teach workshops throughout the west coast.



Individualized training: $100/hour

(Training can include strength, mobility, focused proprioception work, and restorative exercise)

Movement education: workshops and trainings, please contact for more information

I am also available for lectures and in-person workshops.