Fall news and recommendations

Hello everyone,

As summer comes to an end and we move into fall, it is an opportune time to refine and explore skills that support our movement goals. I designed a course, Move Better, to do just that. If you can't make it to all four classes, or don't live in the area, there is an online option available. (If you fall into the "can't make it" category, you can get access to the videos for the classes you will be missing. Just send me an e-mail). 

My most recent blog, "Hip stability, shoulder mobility," has a two part hip sequence video, for those that don't necessarily want to wade through the text and anatomy of my longer writings. Links to the videos can be found towards the end of the text. 

I recently finished the "Upside of Stress," by Kelly McGonigall. It is an excellent read on our relationship to stress and how it can actually enhance our lives, depending on our mindset. If you are looking for some anatomy reading, "The Endless Web: Fascial anatomy and Physical Reality" by Louis Schultz and co. was amazing. I am a little surprised it took me this long to finally read it.  Finally, I happened across the blog "My Cuppa Jo," an honest look at returning to physical activity while experiencing chronic pain. If you work with people suffering from any sort of chronic condition or you have any sort of chronic pain, I highly recommend checking out the website: http://www.mycuppajo.com

Enjoy the cool mornings and continue to play hard.

Yours in health and wellness,