Wednesday musings, 11/23/16: self efficacy and strength

Wednesday musings, 11/23/16
In the late 90s, 174 older adults were instructed to participate in either a walking program or a stretch/strengthening program.* Researchers were interested in whether an exercise intervention improved self efficacy, strength, and body image.

Both interventions were successful. What might be even more interesting is that fact that 6 months later after the intervention ended, there was a significant decline in self image, strength, and self efficacy, suggesting physical strength impacts mental well-being. 

A sense of self strength is important for handling the stressors of life, both big and small. The fact confidence is directly influenced by our physical self isn’t all that surprising. The positive effect feeling strong has on our mental self image is sometimes more important than the physical benefits of strength. 

Wishing everyone a happy holiday tomorrow. As Mark Twain said, “All things in moderation, including moderation.”

**This idea was sparked by a slide at Todd Hargrove’s workshop, “Playing with Movement,” where he discussed this concept.