Wednesday musings, 2/1/17: Progress

Wednesday musings, 2/1/17
I get excited when I see progress. 

When clients accomplish a task we’ve been working towards for weeks or sometimes months, I clap excitedly. Fortunately, my enthusiasm usually makes them smile.

Once in a while, I video a flexibility task I have been working diligently towards for 6 months. I am often amazed when it looks different, because my internal image of myself is someone that isn’t flexible. I allow myself a flicker of congratulations before I go back to work, because progress should be recognized, but there’s always more to do.

The thing with progress is it can feel a little bit like watching a snail cross the road. Eventually, the snail gets there, but it takes a while. He might even have to stop and rest, or weave a little bit to avoid obstacles. It’s a slow journey, and once he gets to the other side, he often finds another road to cross.

To make progress requires faith that consistency over the passage of time will be rewarded. When I was contemplating graduate school 8 years ago, a client said to me, “Jenn, two years is going to pass regardless of whether you go to graduate school. The question is in two years do you want a graduate degree or do you want to have the same education you do now?” 

Almost three years ago, I decided I wanted to write more. And so I made a decision to muse on Wednesdays. One musing turned into three, which turned into 50… I have written approximately 130 musings since I made that decision, and this will be my last one. I will continue to write (and muse) on my blog and my business page; it might not be on Wednesdays, but the habit of writing has been cultivated. I finally made it across the street, and did, indeed, find another road with more content and ideas to foster. Thank you, all, for your kind words and comments over the years. I am grateful for the space. And if you have a goal, believe in the passage of time and persistence. Remember, the hardest part is to start.