July newsletter:

July Newsletter, 2018: on business and growth


While I was up recently in the middle of the night, pondering deep things like which size kettlebell rack I should purchase and the best storage solution for yoga mats, medicine balls, and Jenga pieces, I left behind the world of fitness storage to read something- anything, that might help me fall back asleep.

The first descent into sleep is never a problem for me, but when something is on my mind, like storage solutions, my brain gets busy and I find myself wide awake at midnight. Even though I rationally know I can’t solve my organizational problems for my new studio in the middle of the night, it’s sometimes hard to quiet that part of the mind down once it gets going. 

I also recognize there are far bigger issues at hand in the world, and that my “problems” don’t exactly warrant sleeplessness.

My workspace transition is on my mind nonetheless, and in an effort to distract myself with something non-studio related I found a short, but potent, piece on Elephant Journal about the importance of connecting with your audience outside of social media. The author’s argument was social media sites trend; e-mail subscribers are the people who truly deserve your energy.

It re-routed my brain from focusing on how to organize the perfect training studio space to pondering how I could provide better information using my newsletter. I decided to recalibrate my energy and provide short tutorials for those of you that allow my newsletter to sit in your inbox once a month. 

If you have any ideas for a tutorial you would like to see, drop me a line. If it’s not in my wheelhouse, I will reach out to my network of professional colleagues and see if anyone can get you the information you are looking for, like the upcoming webinar I am doing with Trina Altman on how to effectively market yourself to find private clients + fill your schedule.
Someone reached out after the last webinar to ask if I would consider doing a webinar on building your business of private clients. Though I have had a full schedule for years, my path to get there was slow (you are probably noticing a theme- I am the consummate turtle). 

Trina and I have different backgrounds and skill sets. In addition to being an experienced movement teacher, Trina also has an extensive background in sales from her first career, which involved working on commission selling high end clothing, and later promoting her own jewelry line at Barney’s and other retail stores.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to:

    •    Convert people who are taking your group classes into private clients
    •    Cultivate a social media presence to build local visibility and fill your schedule
    •    Describe what you do in a way that builds interest in your work and creates more referrals
    •    Balance the need between creating a thriving business while also taking care of yourself

If my last two webinars are any indication, this will fill up. If you would like to join, just reply “yes” to this e-mail and I will make sure you receive the registration link as soon as it’s up. 

Happiest of summer days!

Upcoming events:
Saturday, June 23: The art of cueing, a free online webinar FULL. If you would like the recording of this, please respond to this e-mail and let me know- I will send it to you the next day.

Saturday, July 28: Getting Private Clients: a one hour, free webinar with Trina Altman. Info above.

August 5-25: The art of cueing- an online course. This 3 week course is limited to 10 participants and includes homework, tutorials, and feedback. If you want an opportunity to think about and improve your cueing skills, registration link is here: Cost for three weeks: $129 To register: http://www.bewellpt.com/events/2018/8/5/the-art-of-cueing-a-three-week-online-course

 September 3-29: mentorship group
Do you want to take your skills as an exercise and movement professional to the next level? 
Join me for an in-depth, 1 month online course on a deep dive of how the spine relates to movement. We will cover trouble shooting abilities, understanding how to design and apply corrective exercise interventions using a variety of methods and modalities, and how to work with special populations. Maximum participants in session: 5. In addition to guided course material, I will work with you via e-mail and video chat to provide support and answer questions.

Cost: $399

Support professional growth of fitness and movement professionals through online coaching. Topics that can be covered include:
Troubleshooting/problem solving specific client issues such as working with clients with low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, post partum, or hyper mobility
Deepening your understanding of specific areas and how they integrate into movement and exercise
Establishing a niche
(This course is partially full. If you would like to be considered, please view registration here: http://www.bewellpt.com/events/2018/9/3/september-2018-mentorship-group

Saturday, 10/20/18: Free your neck, and the rest will follow (LA workshop)
Registration opening soon. More info: http://www.bewellpt.com/events/2018/10/20/free-the-head-and-the-rest-will-follow