Carmel Personal Training and Yoga

*This blog isn’t really about Carmel personal training.  However, if you found yourself here because you are looking for a personal trainer in Carmel, CA, follow these steps:

  1. Do some research.  This person is going to be designing an individualized exercise program that is suitable for your body.  What qualifications does this person have?  Who is he or she certified through?  What educational background and experience does he or she have?  Do you know anyone who has used this person before? has a good database of personal trainers based on region. 
  2. Set up a meeting by calling or e-mailing.  After you have narrowed your search down based on qualifications, arrange to meet the person or persons who fit your criteria.  This is someone you are going to be spending a bit of time with.  It is important you get along.  Remember, you are hiring this person.  An informal interview is okay.
  3. Schedule an appointment.  After you have decided on your trainer, set up an appointment.  A good trainer will use this opportunity to assess your posture, movement patterns, and potential strengths/weaknesses.  
  4. Schedule a recurring appointment.  You will get the most out of your personal training if you schedule a recurring appointment.  This way, you are less likely to have trouble fitting it in.  It could be once a week, twice a week, once a month…  Whatever works best for you and will help you reach your goals.  I have found people who are not good about exercising on their own benefit the most from twice a week, and I have some clients who exercise multiple times a week and just see me once a month for variety.


One of the hardest things I do every week is get on my yoga mat.  Three times a week, almost without fail, I practice some variation on the Ashtanga primary series, with a bit of second series thrown in.  I am not good at yoga; as a result, there are times when I dread getting on the mat.  I am not flexible, meditation is difficult for me, and I prefer to be outside whenever possible.  

My lack of flexibility brought me to yoga.  When I started, I was a 24 year old who couldn’t touch her toes.  While I am far more flexible now, I don’t hold a candle to many of the students who practice yoga regularly.  However, nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than when I finish my practice.  I see regular improvements, and while they are small, the gratification I get from these improvements makes the practice worthwhile.  

Finishing the practice gives me a sensation that is similar to finishing a triathlon.  I have done something challenging, focused my mind long enough to move through a difficult sequence of postures, and challenged my strength and flexibility. 

My yoga practice requires patience and persistence for me to see improvement.  Many people feel the same way about exercise.  They dread it.  It is challenging for them, they don’t feel successful at it and so they give up.  This giving up, and not breaking the exercise down into more manageable pieces is why many people “fail” at exercise.  It is important to keep coming back to the mat, persevering even when you don’t feel like it.  

Slowly, if you are consistent week after week, your body will become stronger, more flexible, and not tire so quickly.  Once you begin to see these small improvements, the sense of accomplishment you feel will match what I feel every week.  Your body will thank you for it, and crave exercise.  

Live fit.

Yours in health and wellness,